Trinity Sisters

This is a story of great suffering and Endless Love. A story of four sisters, family and true friends from birth till now. The Trinity Sisters.

It is a story about violence, abuse, murder, trafficking, struggle, guns, drugs, war, loneliness, fear, emptiness, survival… About a family torn apart, separated in childhood and how we – the sisters got reunited.

We all have a horrible story to tell. I thought my story was cruel, but my sisters’ are worse. We are very lucky to be alive, but I honestly believe that fate or God or the Universe or whatever is in control of this show, wanted us to reunite and tell our stories.

This world is not what most of us like to think. This world has a tremendous dark shadow and there are things going on out there you simply can’t imagine. Your head would explode. When told most people prefer to continue living in denial.

We were all hurt like hell and I think that the only thing that could save our souls was to find each other. If not we would have lived and died in hate and anger. Meeting each other again saved us from hell…

Finding each other turned on the Light and the Love in all of us and instead of hating and killing we try to spread Hope and Love in a world where many places still suffer from primitive medieval darkness.


To my loving sisters Lenora, Angelica, and Celestine – One Love!

Debra Quincy